Mandatory Downspout Disconnection (City of Toronto Bylaw)

A mandatory City of Toronto bylaw has passed for downspout disconnection (Chapter 681 of the Toronto Municipal Code) requiring all homes in the City of Toronto to disconnect their downspouts from the City’s sewer system.

This City of Toronto bylaw was created to:

1. Prevent basement flooding;
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2. Reduce the amount of polluted stormwater released into our local lakes and rivers.
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Every responsible homeowner should take the necessary steps to comply with this Mandatory Downspout Disconnection Bylaw.

The Mandatory  City of Toronto Bylaw for downspout disconnection is being implemented in a three-phase rollout:

Phase 1 deadline – November 20, 2011 [OVER DUE]

Phase 2 deadline – December 3, 2013 [OVER DUE]

Phase 3 deadline – December 3, 2016

Mandatory downspout disconnection City of Toronto by-law Implementation map

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