Downspout Disconnection

Your downspout drains rainwater and snowmelt directly into the Toronto City Sewer System.

This rainwater and snowmelt can overload the Toronto City Sewer System, if this occurs there is a chance that this sewage water will flood your basement. Moreover, this sewage water may pollute our local lakes and streams.

Some of the City of Toronto Sewer System is made of clay pipe. This pipe is deteriorating, further increasing the likelihood of basement flooding.

Ontario Downspout Service, a private insured service provider,  licensed by The City of Toronto will disconnect your home’s downspout(s) today, ensuring you avoid fines and comply with the mandatory downspout disconnection bylaw.

Disconnect  your downspout today and comply with the Mandatory Toronto Downspout Disconnection Bylaw. By doing so you will achieve the following benefits:

  • Avoid City of Toronto fines,
  • Reduces the likelihood of basement flooding,
  • Promotes that you support environmentally friendly alternatives that helps protect our local lakes, rivers, and streams,
  • Allows rainwater to flow naturally onto your lawn and garden to be absorbed.

What we do

One of our licensed professionals from Ontario Downspout Service will visit your property. He/she will inspect your downspouts and will advise you what the recommended course of action is for your property’s individual downspout disconnection needs.

In inspecting your downspouts our Ontario Downspout Service licensed professional will:

  1. Assess the current locations of your downspouts and determine the proper slope to ensure that the water runoff will flow to a proper location upon disconnection,
  2. Inspect your downspout to determine if it is clogged,
  3. Evaluate your property’s water drainage characteristics.

After consulting with you our Ontario Downspout Service licensed and insured technician will ​ disconnect and cap the downspouts to the existing sewer system and attach an aluminum elbow to the downspout to divert water away from the house in a timely, neatly, and safe fashion.


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