Eavestrough Cleaning and Maintenance

The licensed and highly experienced professionals from Ontario Downspout Service will inspect your current eavestrough system and provide you with recommendations that are individually tailored to your specific situation.

The licensed and highly experienced professionals from Ontario Downspout Service understand the importance of Eavestrough cleaning and maintenance. That’s why it so important to have us provide our spring and fall eavestrough cleaning and maintenance services. This allows us to ensure that all debris found in your eavestrough will be cleared and properly disposed of.

We’ll even show you the debris that’s been cleaned away demonstrating to you the amount of time and work that went into your eavestrough cleaning.

All blocked downspouts will be cleared, restoring them to working order. Each cleaning will also include a water check, guaranteeing your eavestroughs are sloped at the correct angle towards your downspouts.

This will also give us an opportunity to assess the current condition your eavestroughs are in and provide any necessary eavestrough maintenance recommendations. This will help ensure that any problems are dealt with in a pre-emptive manner, avoiding any serious issues.

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