Metal Roof Installation

Metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reason:

Longevity: The typical life of a metal roof can be between 50-100 years.

Environmental Considerations: Composed from some recycled materials, but most importantly is the roof can be recycled at the end of its life. Are ideal for homeowners who want to capture rainwater for rain barrels as you don’t have to worry about leaching chemicals from traditional asphalt roofs.

Fire resistance: Are given a Class A fire rating as they not combustible. This rating can drop if installed over combustible materials.

Heat conduction: Metal is amazing for reflecting heat from the sun this greatly minimizes midday heat gain. In turn your energy bills is reduced because you need less air condition during the day.

Minimal roof pitch: Can be installed on low pitched roofs. Great alternative from traditional flat roofing membranes.

Less Friction: Snow will easily slide, as surfaces are hard and slippery.

Different Profiles and Styles:

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Roofing Ontario Downspout Service

The Buchner Aluminum Shingle

Roofing Ontario Downspout Service

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