A properly functioning eavestrough system collects and then diverts rainwater and melting snow so that it drains a safe distance away from your home’s foundation. In order for the system to function properly it must be regularly maintained. Many homeowners neglect eavestrough maintenance and their eavestroughs  become clogged from  debris such as:  leaves, shingles, garbage , dirt , stone and anything else that can get caught in there.


When your home’s eavestrough system is not functioning properly several things can happen to the exterior of  and foundation of your home:

  • Leaks,
  • Water overflow,
  • Water flowing towards your home’s foundation,
  • Water damage to walls, windows, ceilings, soffit & fascia,
  • Accumulation of moisture,
  • Mold,
  • Erosion to walkways, and yards.

If any of these issue sound familiar contact Ontario Downspout Service today.

Ontario Downspout Service, a licensed and insured service provider of The City of Toronto will assist you with any and all of your eavestrough needs. Those needs can range from:

Whatever your Eavestrough needs are the licensed and highly experienced professionals from Ontario Downspout Service are here to help.

We begin by visiting your property, where our licensed technician assess’ you specific situation. That technician then discusses and advises you what the recommended course of action is for your specific situation.

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